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A Better World is PaintableA Better World is Paintable: How to make banners, stencils, street murals, parachute banners, and more!
edited by 350

Drawing from decades of street art for change, a compilation of practical “How To’s.” Learn how to make a banner, paint a street mural, create flat puppets, and many more.

Injecting Imagination into Degrowth
by John Jordan

Change the Culture, Change the World
By Favianna Rodriguez

by The Center for Artistic Activism

Useful Links:

350 Trainings Website’s Trainings website contains training tools, books, and online courses for climate change and any activist
The Center for Artistic Activism is a place to explore, analyze, and strengthen connections between social activism and artistic practice.
CultureStrike empowers artists to dream big, disrupt the status quo, and envision a truly just world rooted in shared humanity.
PUPPETEERS COOPERATIVE: How to make giant puppets, pageants, and parades.