People’s Climate Arts

In September of 2014, and hundreds of other organizations, individuals and collectives came together to organize the People’s Climate March. what became the largest climate mobilization in history, with 400,000 people flooding the streets of New York City as the UN General Assembly met to discuss how to respond to the global climate crisis. This historic march marked a turning point for the global movement for climate justice, by significantly broadening the understanding of what the climate crisis means for a diversity of international and local communities. To articulate this diversity, and to support direct engagement of community members, the march turned to arts-organizing, pulling groups from across the city and country into a collective art-space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The result of this arts-based organizing strategy developed a narrative format for the march, with different art pieces articulating each of the key issues. The march’s motto was: “To change everything it takes everyone.” and the beautiful result visually told the story of how wide, diverse and massive the global movement for climate justice is becoming.

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