Teaming up with the Blue Mountain Center, organized a series of “artist residencies” aimed at bringing together movement artists and deepening and sharing our understanding of the climate crisis and its causes. Featuring skill-shares, project presentations, discussions, co-collaboration, performances and much more, these encounters strengthened networks of resistance by creating a community of artists. With the Change Creation Lab, provided a productive space to work for the development of innovative and impactful tactics, props, and design for this coming wave of mobilizations. This gathering was also intended to be a space to skill-share while supporting new leaders; developing and sharing the skills to reproduce tools and tactics in the context of mass-mobilizations and creative protest. All resources created during this gathering were compiled into the Summer Heat Creative Action Cookbook.

More About Blue Mountain Center (BMC): BMC is a non-profit based in a turn-of-the century Adirondack lodge on a 1600-acre estate with woods, lakes and mountains. For 29 years, BMC has offered retreats for artists, writers, composers, filmmakers, and social justice activists. The atmosphere is informal and cooperative. In recent years, BMC has begun a series of focused residencies – allowing artists working on specific subjects with a like-minded community. To see images and learn more about Blue Mountain Center, please visit our website at