We will be adding more ways you can make art and take action from home and virtually.

In this Climate Strike Arts Kit you will find virtual art making guides, designs you can use, art-making how-to guides, street murals, group photo tips, songs and music tips, and more. These images may not be used for for-profit uses. Please credit the artist for online and printed materials use. We will keep updating this, so check back.                                                                         –David Solnit, Climate Strike Arts Organizer

Virtual Art Builds : Letter Sign Group Banner


Here’s one way we can make art together, keep safe at home, and show solidarity. This Virtual Art Build was done in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en uprising against the Coastal Link Pipeline. A sign/letter banner was made involving 50 people, each made one letter from their own home, photographed themselves holding it, and then we combined all to spell out our banner message. We are now experimenting with different ways to use this technique.

Climate Strike Art Kit

If you’re looking for inspiration for your Climate Strike this Arts Kit is full ideas and tools:

  • Poster & stencil designs to use right now
  • Art-making how-to guides to create your own beautiful visuals
  • Top tips on getting a great photo
  • Climate protest song books and music tips
  • Creating bold street murals
Picture of House on fire graphis Image of fire fighter stencil