Our art and visuals can tell our story to those who see us or through media, make our actions more powerful, lift spirits and hold our space. It’s also a good way to involve folks, build momentum and have fun. Sometimes photos or even media coverage of an art build party can help get the world out.

Here is an array of art images and downloads created in solidarity with Standing Rock, along with some climate justice images-messages that you could use to make art and visuals for your Standing Rock solidarity actions–or for your local actions to protect water from big oil or to support Indigenous rights, plus a few tips, ideas and how-to’s. WIth the images please DO use them to make art for your action, but please DON’t make stuff to sell without asking the artist first.



Thunderbird/No Pipeline Art Signs By Isaac Murdock and Christi Belcourt;

Permission by the artists Isaac Murdoch & Christi Belcourt: these banners images are being made available to download for water and land protectors and organizers to use freely for water or land protection actions. These are for NON-PROFIT, NON-COMMERCIAL use only.


Here is a set of posters and flyers–color and black and white- either for Nov 15 day of Action or with no date that you can use for your actions and events.

Water is Life/Mni Wiconi/No DAPL images by Sadie Red Wing

Sadie Red Wing has two images, both color and in black and white HERE.


Solidarity with Standing Rock Art Signs
An album of the amazing outpouring of art supporting Standing Rock, curated by  Melanie Cervantes. To download these images from facebook go to the bottom of image click “Options” the on “Download”.

Amplifier Foundation
Indigenous Sovereignty/Climate/Environment Art Downloads

Just Seeds Posters No DAPL Art



Poster design by Gilbert Kills Pretty Enemy III



8 1/2×11 or 11×17 in color of black and white: “Protect Our Climate, Water and Health,” “End Fracking/100% Renewable,” “Keep it in the Ground,” “Oil, Coal, Gas = Climate Chaos,”







8 1/2×11 or 11×17 in color or black and white: “Keep It In the Ground,” and “Break Free from Fossil Fuels:







#NoDAPL Art of Standing Rock Compilations:



There are many ways to use some of the beautiful art and designs to create art and visuals for your Standing Rock Solidarity Actions. A few tips and how-to’s below.

COPY AND PRINT: download, and email to yourself or put on a flash drive and go to your printing place (Like FedEx) or find out who you know who has a color printer or access to color printing.

Make color copies (or black and white copies-depending on design) on 11×17 or 12×18 (if that is an option).

It’s ideal if you can get cardstock or a heavy paper, or you can also mount them on cut-to-size posterboard/cardboard/etc using spray adhesive, glue stick, or tape around the edges.

ENLARGE AND ASSEMBLE: One way to make a larger sign is to enlarge  the designed onto two sideways 11×17 sheets, cut and paste together on a rigid backing, to make one bigger 17×22 inch sign—or do it in 4 sections and make it even bigger.

ADD ELEMENTS: you can add a colored paper or painted border, use colored posterboard and leave a border, or add a not-too-dark color wash(watercolors or watered-down latex/acryic paints) to back and white designs.

Downloaded and printed signs from a Standing Rock Solidarity Action in Vancouver, BC


Crossbar  Flags

These painted, stencilled or screenprinted fabric flags are designed to have horizontal sticks at top and bottom, and also attach to a vertical pole. They are very visible, and easy to carry. Link is HERE

HSU Students gather for a photo after the March For Real Climate Leadership in Oakland, California. | Ivan Soto

Visual Elements for Actions

Here’s a variety of forms of visual art for actions and demonstrations–for ideas and inspiration

Link is HERE.


Cardboard Signs and Fabric Banners

Here is a 12 minute “How-To” video on making fabric banners and cardboard signs.

Link is HERE


David Solnit