Here are a few images you can use to make your own signs–copy, enlarge, color/paint, mount, screenprint, etc.

Jason Justice: Worker Migrant Climate Justice

fist with sunflower art

This image, designed by Jason Justice, was created for and for everyone connecting Climate Justice with Worker Justice and Migrant Justice for Mayday and for the Peoples Climate Marches.

These images are for NON-PROFIT, NON-COMMERCIAL use only.


Mona Caron: We Build, We Rise | Keep it in the Ground

 We Build We Rise sunflower art
Keep it in the Ground sunflower art

These images for were made by San Francisco based artist Mona Caron. Her murals, stop-motion painting animations, and illustrations can be seen at, and examples of her other work with social movements around the world can be seen at

WBWR Download KIITG Download

Paperhand: Wind Sun People

wind, sun, and people power art

These Wind, Sun and People Power designs were made by for a theater pageant put together by North carolina Climate Justice Summit, Paperhand Puppets and arts. Designed by Jan Burger, a founding member of Paperhand Puppet Intervention, a puppet theater company based in Saxapahaw, North Carolina, and has worked with Bread and Puppet Theater, Art and Revolution, and the Shoddy Puppet Co. He is also a cartoonist.


David Solnit: Keep it in the Ground

David Solnit's artwork

Art Images by David Solnit: 8 1/2×11 or 11×17 in color of black and white: “Protect Our Climate, Water and Health,” “End Fracking/100% Renewable,” “Keep it in the Ground,” “Oil, Coal, Gas = Climate Chaos,”


Isaac Murdoch & Christi Belcourt: Indigenous Sovereignty & NO DAPL Art Images

No DAPL artwork

Permission by the artists Isaac Murdoch & Christi Belcourt: these banners images are being made available to download for water and land protectors and organizers to use freely for water or land protection actions.

These are for NON-PROFIT, NON-COMMERCIAL use only.


No DAPL artwork

Here is a set of posters/signs–color and black and white.


Sadie Red Wing: Water is Life/Mni Wiconi/No DAPL images by Sadie Red Wing

No DAPL art
No DAPL art

Sadie Red Wing has two images, both color and in black and white


Other Great Art Resources


There are many ways to use some of the beautiful art and designs to create art and visuals for your March or Actions. A few tips and how-to’s below.

  1. COPY AND PRINT: download, and email to yourself or put on a flash drive and go to your printing place (Like FedEx) or find out who you know who has a color printer or access to color printing. Make color copies (or black and white copies-depending on design) on 11×17 or 12×18 (if that is an option). It’s ideal if you can get cardstock or a heavy paper.
  2. MOUNT: You can also mount them on cut-to-size posterboard/cardboard/thin plywood/etc using spray adhesive, glue stick, or tape around the edges. You can use a colored paper/board with a border showing or paint border.
  3. ENLARGE AND ASSEMBLE: One way to make a larger sign is to enlarge the design onto two sideways 11×17 sheets, cut and paste together on a rigid backing, to make one bigger sign—or do it in 4 sections and make it even bigger. You can also get larger color copies at many copyshops, but it can be expensive.
  4. HAND COLOR–HAVE AN ART PARTY: The black and white designs are great to print out and hand color–perfect for hosting an art build for the march. You can easily copy onto 11×17 paper, or enlarge larger, either by cutting and pasting two more more enlarged section together or by coping on a large format copier (most FedEx stores have them). You can use colored pencils, watercolors or watered down latex or acrylic paints–watered down so it the black lines come through, but the color is not too weak. Get brushes that work and do some testing.
  5. SCREENPRINT: You can use the black and white design to screenprint onot paper or fabric and then hand paint those prints. You can mount fabric on top and bottom sticks and attach to a verical pole, called a crossbar flag. Instructions and examples →