In NYC, we'll celebrate EARTH by helping to paint the roof of a school with a large climate change aerial art piece conceptualized by New York City based artist Molly Dilworth. This painting is being produced in conjunction with NYC CoolRoofs, a government program launched in September 2009 that focuses on painting the surface of rooftops to help reduce cooling costs, cut energy usage and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The art project being done as part of 350 EARTH, Paintings for Satellites/561 Grand, is a graphic representation of the New York and New Jersey coastline after a 7 meter rise in sea levels. As with many coastal communities around the world, the New York harbor has infrastructure and a dense population living at or just above sea-level; even a small change in these levels threaten the livelihood and security of millions of inhabitants there and Dilworth is taking this opportunity to show what is at risk.

Molly Dilworth is a Brooklyn based painter who makes interventions to the physical and digital landscape in the form of large-scale paintings on rooftops for satellites. Most recently Dilworth is known for her painting, Cool Water, Hot Island, which is a five block, 50,000 square foot painting covering the surface of Broadway from 47th to 42nd Streets in Times Square. Photo below.

The satellite will photograph the painting on Saturday November 20 at 11:11 AM, look for photos!