Español: El Sábado, 20 de Noviembre, ciudadanos y ciudadanas de la región del Delta del Ebro y el artista urbano Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada se unieron para construir juntos un rostro figurativo gigante representando la cara de una niña deseosa de ver el Delta sobrevivir a las amenazas del calentamiento global.
English: On Saturday, November 20, citizens from the Delta Ebro region joined renowned urban-artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada to form a giant representation of the face of a young girl who wishes to see the Delta survive the threat of climate change.
Credit: for Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada
Facebook event:
Más Fotos/More Photos: click here
SEO/BirdLife collaborated with to organize this project with artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada. Many thanks to all volunteers and supporting organizations, including Xarxa per una Nova Cultura de l'Aigua.

1) A general invitation to the event in Spanish and in Catalán (the local language)
2) Technical description of the art piece including photos in Spanish and Catalán
3) General presentation of the Earth project and the Art Piece in Delta del Ebro in Spanish and Catalán

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