King Canute and the Rising Seas (Thanks to Thom Yorke!)

We're thrilled to be getting early images in from the 350 EARTH event in the Brighton-Hove, UK where thousands of people formed an image of King Canute, who futilely attempted to control the oceans according to legend. The image was designed by Radiohead's Thom Yorke who generously donated his time, energy, and art to make the event a success. Hi-res images will be available here as soon as possible.

An immense debt of gratitude is also due to all the organizers (especially the mighty Joanna Hedges), volunteers, and partners, especially our friends at the Brighton-Hove Council and 10:10 Brighton-Hove campaign. 

Climate change is a reality that must be dealt with. It's a challenge we can all rise too, together, with creativity, art, and energy. 

For more information on the event in the UK, click here