Pitchfork recruits for Thom Yorke’s 350 EARTH event

Be Part of Thom Yorke's Art Project and help fight climate change while you're at it. Pitchfork's appeal to its readers today encouraged people to register to be a part of Yorke's large scale 350 EARTH art piece that will be built in Brighton, England next Saturday. The first 2,000 RSVP's will be guaranteed a spot.

Yorke explained his project on the Radiohead website, "The plan is to make images visible from the skies to remind those in Cancun that we're running out of time. We can't keep putting this off." Starting next Monday world leaders will come together Cancun Mexico for the UN Climate Negotiations to discuss the future of an international climate treaty and how we will address the growing problems associated with climate change.

Yorke's image will be of King Canute who was the Norse king who haplessly tried to control the waves and is pictured on the cover of Yorke's solo album, The Eraser.   

In a 2006 interview, Yorke explained the symbolism of the story:

"In the paper one day, [Green Party activist] Jonathon Porritt was basically dismissing any commitment that the working government has toward addressing global warming, saying that their gestures were like King Canute trying to stop the tide. And that just went "kaching" in my head. It's not political, but that's what I feel is happening. We're all King Canutes, holding our hands out, saying, "It'll go away. I can make it stop." No, you can't."